David Hockney Exhibition

I went with two friends to see the David Hockney Exhibition at Tate Britain last night. It has been so popular that my friend Katie had to queue at 10am yesterday morning in order to buy tickets for the evening.

At 7pm we made our way into Tate Britain where we spent the next two hours roaming the exhibition rooms. Immediately we were confronted with the bright colours that Hockney is so well known for. He is so confident with his use of colour. Sometimes only using three or four colours in one painting.

I was impressed by the scale of his work, I never knew how big his paintings actually were. His portraits almost life size. I found this made their presence even more dominant and you could really feel the characteristics of the people he painted.

There were three pieces that really stood out to me, one being a series of polaroid photos taken during his time in L.A. They were assembled to make one big picture. I liked the concept of pictures within a picture. The photos are of a man swimming up and down a pool. Some underwater, some close ups of the pool edge. I found the longer I looked at this photo, the more the movement of the swimmer came across. The bright blue pool was a very calming colour to look at too.

It was amazing to see ‘A Bigger Splash’. A painting so well-known and one I based my A level art exam on. Another I loved was ‘Savings and Loan Building’. A geometric glass building up against the blue sky with three palm trees in front.

Towards the end we entered a square room where the four walls had a collection of screens assembled, each screen showing a film of the same path in Yorkshire but during a different season. Each season was so beautiful. Slowly you would ‘walk’ down the path. We sat there for quite a while and said how it would be the perfect room if you needed to de-stress! The light in ‘Autumn’ was true to the season, the golden glow coming through the orange leaves. ‘Spring’ was fresh. ‘Summer’ was luscious and green. And ‘Winter’ looked like the perfect Winter day… snow everywhere but a sunny blue sky.

And finally something that really stuck with me and has inspired me to keep painting is a quote from Hockney “..I do not think the world looks like photographs. I think it looks a bit more glorious than that.”

David Hockney