Sintra, Portugal

I often need to get out into the countryside and fresh air to feel inspired. I need time and space to really soak up my surroundings and by doing this I feel I can capture the atmosphere of a place in my paintings and portray how it made me feel when I was there.

Last week I went to Sintra in Portugal with my family to celebrate a friends wedding and whilst there I became so inspired by the beautiful landscape. We were lucky to have a villa with the most amazing view. It would change daily depending on the weather. In the evening long shadows would be cast across the hills, moving in time of the setting sun. I created some sketches and took as many photos as possible, which will soon become paintings on my newly ordered canvas!

Photograph of Sintra landscape by Lily Rigby
Sintra Portugal Landscape by Lily Rigby
Photograph of Sintra Landscape by Lily Rigby