Learning to Enjoy an Artist’s Block

Most things seem to work if you turn them off and on again and I think this is true with us. And I think whether you’re creative or not, you need time to stop and re-charge.

I think technology allows us to portray our lives and ourselves in a way that isn’t always very real. And so I thought I would try sharing an honest insight, in the hope that it might give anyone else who has ever felt the same, a little reassurance!

I love painting and when I am painting I am at my happiest, my mind switches off from everything else, and I am in the present moment. However I have been struggling to find inspiration over the last couple of weeks and have been stuck in a bit of a creative rut… everything I have painted recently I have hated and it has felt like hard work. When this happens I tend to give myself a bit of a hard time, as I want to feel proud of the work I am making. This is probably something lots of creative people can relate to. However we shouldn’t feel like this as not many of us can give 100%, 24/7!

When this happens, I then stop painting and waste time and energy worrying…worrying that I am not painting!
But I am learning to change the way I deal with these creative blocks. If when I am painting, it is starting to feel like I have to force the creativity then I am taking a step back and spending time doing other creative things. Looking at other artists I admire, going to galleries, going for walks on the beach and soaking up the scenery and reminding myself that soon the little break will pass and I will be ready to be paint again.

This evening I am looking forward to tucking into some of my favourite art books…