“I feel most myself when I am in my studio painting.  I love how the time disappears when I paint. I think my paintings come from the subconscious part of me, all my experiences, emotions and even experiences I had forgotten about, all seem to come out and onto the canvas. I feel like I understand myself and know myself better after painting and I always have more headspace after this too.

I love how painting is so instant… the marks are there on the canvas before you can judge them or change them.

Sometimes I create paintings really quickly, other times I can spend months and months on a painting – I find these paintings have a different feeling when I look at them. 

I started painting with oil paint a few years ago and I have fallen in love with it. I love the way the colours have a depth to them and how you can change the paint so much  – it can become really watery and transparent as well as strong. I find I am learning all the time about paint and the limitless things it can do.”   Lily Rigby in her own words.

“Her approach, technique and strong sense of composition and her ease with her medium, lifts her work above the ordinary.”  Lynn Wilkinson, Art Critic.


Lily is drawn to the land, the sea and the sky and uses them as a starting point for all her work. Her paintings exist somewhere in the space between abstract and figurative. They are rendered with sensitivity and emotion, to produce pieces that are alive, vital and dramatic.

The finished works are exciting to own, inspiring and also challenging, tapping into the emotions of the viewer, connecting the drama of the landscape with the drama of life, connecting the emotional journey of the artist with that of the viewer. They are mysterious and beautiful.

Lily has been in many group shows as well as having her own successful solo exhibition that she puts on each year. She has exhibited in Brighton, Bristol, Chichester and Hungerford. She is currently working towards a variety of group exhibitions and her solo show at ONCA Gallery, in Brighton, this November.


Gillian Ayers

A painting by Gillian Ayers that I fell in love with at Tate Britain.   #exhibition #artist...
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Morning With Mumma

Spent this morning with my Mumma, getting inspired.   #artist #artistlife #inspiration #inspired #inspirationeverywhere #exhibition
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The wall becomes a painting. Charisse Kenion came to my studio recently and took some beautiful photos...
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Getting inspired.   #artistlife #artist #studio #studiolife #painter #inspiration #oilpainting
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My Studio Wall

My studio wall becoming a painting.   #oilpainting #artistlife #studiolife #contemporaryart #contemporaryartist #studio #painter #painterlife
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The Power of Water

There is something about water that draws us to it, it has a sort of power that...
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Colours Of Today

The colours of today.   #oilpainting #artistlife #studiolife #studio #painter #painterlife #contemporaryart
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Cornwall Photos

Photographs from Cornwall that inspired my paintings.   #artistoninstagram #painting #artresidency #artist #painter #creative #studio #studiolife
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Hughie O’Donoghue

Hughie O’donoghue will always be a favourite of mine. I am in love with his colours and...
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Frida keeping me inspired in the studio today. I finished her biography last week and I feel...
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Raw Canvas

Throwback to my Cornish residency. It took me a few days to get into the flow of...
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