Local Person – Lily Rigby

Lily Rigby is a landscape painter and illustrator.

What do you like about living in West Hove?

Being so close to the sea is the best thing about living here. The sea and the sky are always changing giving you something new to paint or draw every day. I don’t think the novelty of living this close to the sea will ever wear off! It is also great being able to walk or cycle along the sea front to Brighton, especially in the summer.

Tell us about your art…

I create work inspired by my surroundings, places I have visited and photographs I have taken. My work reveals my passion for the landscape often in its most turbulent state – wild, mystical and aweinspiring. I often begin a piece by taking my sketchbook to a location (at the moment the beach) where I work with oil sticks on paper. I will also take a couple of photos. I then take these drawings and photos to my studio and create large-scale oil paintings on canvas. It can take quite a while for a painting to develop and I like to work on a few pieces at once.

Do you do any landscape paintings of West Hove?

Yes, the pieces I am currently working on are inspired by the sea and skyline of West Hove beach.

Who are your favourite artists?

It is hard to pick! From a young age Anselm Kiefer has been a favourite. I am currently really inspired by Peter Doig’s work for his use of colour, which I am currently developing in my own practice. This Summer I went to the Basquiat Exhibition at The Barbican, which was amazing, he is another artist I have always loved.

Do you have any exhibitions coming up?

Yes, I will be having a solo show at ONCA Gallery in November as well as open studios at Rohdus Studios in Brighton this spring. I have launched a crowdfunding page to help me raise money for this for my solo show and I will be donating a portion of gallery sales to Surfers Against Sewage Charity.




Publisher & Date: West Hove Directory – January 2018
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