Painting From The Soul


Lily’s paintings exist somewhere in the space between abstract and figurative. They are rendered with sensitivity and emotion to produce pieces that are alive, vital and dramatic. The finished works are exciting to own, inspiring and also challenging, tapping into the emotions of the viewer, connecting the emotional journey of the artist with that of the viewer. They are mysterious and beautiful.

Lily has been in many group shows as well as having her own successful exhibition that she puts on each year. She has exhibited in London, Brighton, Bristol, Chichester and Hungerford. Lily is represented by Kevis House Gallery, Petworth.

Lily Rigby_oil on canvas_Shimmering

“I think art is about human expression, expressing your life and your feelings. It can take some time, but I will get lost in the act of painting and then I don’t think about what I’m making. I never premeditate what I am going to write. I love the idea that the painting will show itself.

I love that people see different things in my work and that my paintings ignite different feelings in each viewer. Making art is an act of discovery, in more ways than one, and every time I paint, I am learning or discovering something new.”

Lily Rigby_oil on canvas_Breaking Dawn

“These paintings came to life during the lockdown summer of 2020.
I walked in the woods at sunset a lot and took photos as a starting point for my paintings. It definitely felt like a time of change and fresh starts. Most of my paintings are inspired by nature at the very beginning but they become more abstract as they develop – I never know how they will turn out.

I am always drawn to the colour blue and so in these works I am experimenting with more earthy colours, which is a new experience for me. These two paintings, along with one other, are currently exhibited in Cameron Contemporary Art, Spring 2021.”

Publisher & Date: Kula Mag – 1st February 2021
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